About US  

Greetings to my beloved coworkers and guests. I am very happy to introduce my company. We dedicate ourselves to Mongolian film industry and promoting Mongolian films into International film markets and film festivals. 

      We offer you our best wishes and wish you every success.

Tsengel Davaasambuu is film producer and distributor from Mongolia. She is staunch promoter of Mongolian films to international market and festivals. She finds a sense of affinity to Asian film industry trends as she commits to continue supporting and advocating Mongolian cinema to local and global public. She studied USA and South Korea and currently lectures major subject to School of Culture at University of Arts and Culture. Tsengel has joined NETPAC since 2015 and worked as a jury for several film festivals. Her recent involvement was Cannes Producers Network program in 2017. Recently, she worked for Children of Genghis film’s associated producer and this film is successfully launching worldwide of the film festival circuits Now she is working as a government official and a founder of the company. 

Tsengel Davaasambuu /PhD/

Founder of Culture Distributor LLC



Mungunkhuu Distabazar is vice president our company. He is young filmmaker and distributor from Mongolia. He is a one of the founder of the Culture Distributor LLC. He fascinate about Mongolian film industry.

He has been studied in US and South Korea for his master degree. Their family business and effort have helped for many Mongolian filmmakers going abroad and travel to film festivals.

He is recently involved Cannes producers Network program in 2017. Many more years waiting for their successful cooperation for the filmmaker. IN 2018 Culture Distributor worked as co-producer for the Strowlers film. Recently our company released "Tag Along 2" Taiwanese film in Mongolian Market. 


Mungunkhuu Distabazar

VP of Culture Distributor LLC



Dulguun Enkh-Amgalan is Chief operating director of the company. She is newly joined our company. Her background is MA in international communication and culture. She studied as a arts manager and graduated in Japan Waseda Univerity her graduate school. Recently she focused on releasing "Tag Along 2" Taiwanese film in Mongolian Market. Moreover Qingdao international film festival was given her more enthusiasm to work with us.    


Dulguun Enkh-Amgalan

COD of Culture Distributor LLC

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